18 February 2012

selfish people

people are getting selfish everyday i guess. today was my IELTS exam and in the exam hall before the exam stating time i tried to make eye contact and talk to people. none of them seem interested talking or making any kind of interaction. i dont know if it is exam tension or anything else. how could (at least) 8 people around me like this? ist weird.....

neck pain

having pain on my neck for last few days. first i felt it after waking up from sleep. it's happening probably because for not laying in the bed properly. i thought the pain will go away normally but its not going away. its not severe but its disturbing. i should be talking to a doctor now otherwise it may cause serious problem.  

16 February 2012


there is a problem going on with my uncle and my grand mother and my mom was telling me about that. i was feeling so bored while i was hearing those thing and that makes me wonder what kind of person i am every time i talk to someone i feel like they are talking too slow and almost all the time boring stuff. though this doesn't happen when i am in a interesting class. i guess other than computer stuff everything makes me bored. on the other side my mom said a kid grow up and become mature hearing good thing about around, now if i feel bored listening to my mom about family problem and some other thing. what does that makes me? not mature enough? i like doing what i do (computer thing) but other than that everything is so boring. sad thing is, this maybe the reason why i can't be with a girl. i find all the girls very stupid. they doesn't want to go near logical way of conversation. all the time they talk about what other does or what she is going to do and some usual crap. but when there is shred of complex thinking about something they just bail and sad part is that they admit they are stupid and can think in the level i am thinking. i wonder if i am going to find a girl who can understand me and speak my language.

Compiler Exam

at 10am i have an exam on compiler but i have very little idea of what the question will look like. i could not understand the topic in the class. i continuously told my teacher about this and probably he changed the way of teaching the subject so that me along with everyone else in the class can understand the the topic. but alas no one could. i went to ask other student if they had good knowledge about this subject and all of them disappointed me. now i wonder what i am going to write in the exam. i am feeling so bad. there are few thing i did understand in the class like parse tree using specific grammar, infix post fix notification and the sequence of an operation. i hope my teacher makes question on all three of these topic so that i can answer at-least something.  

15 February 2012


There are few people around me with whom i can have a real conversation about my thoughts ambition and future plan. Everyone i try to talk doesn't understand what i am saying. some who does understand says that it is hard for other people to understand what you are saying coz you think above the level of general people thought. one of my sister who is very talented and do understand me said that, "the stuff you are thinking is new to the general people it will be hard for them to understand what u are saying and more importantly accept what you are saying coz ur expression doesn't go the culture around you".
i am trying to change my life with the idea i have, make it little exceptional but i cant do that perfectly coz i don't get proper support for that and ironically i don't blame anyone for that.

14 February 2012

Having Great time

I am having great time. Suddenly everyone around me knows me, most of them respects me. I am doing good in class. Some of my teachers are asking me about my projects paper which was another great success. I am teaching 3 students web development privately and they seem to like both my knowledge and how i distribute it to them. I am also teaching at the University even though I haven't yet finished my undergrad and there also all the thirty student like my teaching. Some of them are making profound comment about me which is hard to digest but I won't say that I don't feel good to hear those comments. All of these are making me really happy. I remember such scenario back in 2003-2004. Those two years ware also really good but the following two year was not so good after all. So with all these good thing happening around me makes me think what will happen in 2013-2014....

10 February 2012

weird dream

last night i dream of a girl who was pregnant also very beautiful.
i was flirting with her and her two girlfriend was helping me.

this is really weird :-S

07 February 2012

House S5E10

The finishing is more than awesome


02 February 2012

PES Player

I cant find PES player in Dhaka. All wants to play fifa :|