14 February 2012

Having Great time

I am having great time. Suddenly everyone around me knows me, most of them respects me. I am doing good in class. Some of my teachers are asking me about my projects paper which was another great success. I am teaching 3 students web development privately and they seem to like both my knowledge and how i distribute it to them. I am also teaching at the University even though I haven't yet finished my undergrad and there also all the thirty student like my teaching. Some of them are making profound comment about me which is hard to digest but I won't say that I don't feel good to hear those comments. All of these are making me really happy. I remember such scenario back in 2003-2004. Those two years ware also really good but the following two year was not so good after all. So with all these good thing happening around me makes me think what will happen in 2013-2014....

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