16 February 2012


there is a problem going on with my uncle and my grand mother and my mom was telling me about that. i was feeling so bored while i was hearing those thing and that makes me wonder what kind of person i am every time i talk to someone i feel like they are talking too slow and almost all the time boring stuff. though this doesn't happen when i am in a interesting class. i guess other than computer stuff everything makes me bored. on the other side my mom said a kid grow up and become mature hearing good thing about around, now if i feel bored listening to my mom about family problem and some other thing. what does that makes me? not mature enough? i like doing what i do (computer thing) but other than that everything is so boring. sad thing is, this maybe the reason why i can't be with a girl. i find all the girls very stupid. they doesn't want to go near logical way of conversation. all the time they talk about what other does or what she is going to do and some usual crap. but when there is shred of complex thinking about something they just bail and sad part is that they admit they are stupid and can think in the level i am thinking. i wonder if i am going to find a girl who can understand me and speak my language.

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