24 May 2013

My New App Entertainment Tracker

I watch a lot of TV Show, Movie and Anime. It is often the case that i forget what episode of a show I watched last or what was the movie release date. So I thought why not make an app that keep tracks all these information. With this Idea I created an Android app called Entertainment tracker.

This app allows you to add TV Show in your watch list set watched or un-watched status to your shows episode. Same goes for anime. You can update or delete show and season name from your list.

About the movie Now you can set the release date for a movie and the app will show the movie list according to date. 

Future Plan
Later I planned to set up a notification system that will give user a notification on the date of the movie release date. The same principal will be added to TV Shows and Anime where you will get notification on the next Air date and time.

In future you don't have to type Names for adding a new show or movie rather you can select new movie or show or anime by clicking on the generated picture that will be loaded from web feed

This is a free app. I hope you like it and appreciate my effort by leaving comments and stars about this app

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